Why Blockchain Technology is the Safest for Financial Operations

The main point of executing some operations through a digital ledger is to let people, especially those who do not trust each other to share valuable data in a secure, tamper-proof way. That is why blockchains process and store information using sophisticated math and innovative software rules which are extremely difficult for hackers to disrupt…

Cryptocurrency Trading as a New Type of Trading

Cryptocurrency trading just as any other type of trading implies buying of the stock, and holding on to it until it appreciates. For cryptocurrency trading, though, digital assets are used, so there is no physical stock just like there is no physical cryptocurrency. Despite these similarities, stocks are not the same as cryptocurrencies.

Artificial Intelligence ICO

Artificial Intelligence, also used as ‘AI’, is a technical concept when intelligence is manifested in machines, while natural intelligence is displayed by humans and animals. AI technology will soon become a common thing in our everyday lives with lights automatically lighting up when someone enters the room, the refrigerator executing operations on its own, cars…

Top American ICOs

Initial Coin Offering is a term excessively used last year in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. It stands for an opportunity of a small either cryptocurrency or non-cryptocurrency project to raise funds and develop business.

Is Cryptocurrency The Next Economic Bubble

Is Cryptocurrency The Next Economic Bubble?

People learn from history. Many leading economists and prominent figures in the financial world view bitcoin as the next economic bubble that can blow off any minute. Remembering the economic crisis of 1990s or that of 2008, modern preoccupation with cryptocurrency bears similar characteristics as the dot-com and the housing bubbles.