Artificial Intelligence ICO

Artificial Intelligence, also used as ‘AI’, is a technical concept when intelligence is manifested in machines, while natural intelligence is displayed by humans and animals. AI technology will soon become a common thing in our everyday lives with lights automatically lighting up when someone enters the room, the refrigerator executing operations on its own, cars driving without the drivers.

As regards cryptocurrencies which are usually at the core of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), these are token money or virtual currency used for payments on digital platforms. Usage of cryptocurrencies became a leading step in regulating the economic fluctuations and also establishing the inflation-free economy. It has opened the new, sometimes, unbelievable possibilities for people to surpass the government regulations and become more economically independent.

With both of these technologies developing globally day-by-day,  developers attempt to integrate the AI and cryptocurrency. The reasons for this include the new solutions and systems in the fintech industry. Moreover, cryptocurrency attributes such as decentralization, transparent processing, and faster execution rates are the great supporters of Artificial Intelligence entering into the field of token money.

When integrated, these two technological concepts bring the following benefits:

  • the absence of biases: machines do not bias thus allowing the decisions to be made logically and objectively;
  • transparency: since the synergy of both technologies will be based on blockchain, such blockchain platforms are highly secure, reliable, and transparent;
  • cost-effectiveness: every mechanization eliminates transaction costs and gives the ultimate efficiency.

Best ICOs in the field of Artificial Intelligence

Initial Coin Offering, being a way for cryptocurrency project to raise funds, also applies to projects combining AI and cryptocurrencies. Here are some of the main projects to keep track of in the upcoming years.

Agentmile. Agentmile is based on the decentralized real estate leasing platform built on AI to enhance property discovery, leasing capability, management, and reporting. In other words, it facilitates brokers, landlords, and tenants to list property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), while their customers can search and discover listed property quickly and easily. This helps to solve the issues with a property search, unverified and inaccurate listings of property, due-diligence that takes a lot of time, as well as lack of full property history. For instance, all these problems could combine to make it difficult for property investments overseas.

AI CRYPTO. This one is an AI ecosystem enabling AI researches to be carried out easily and quickly. To this end, the project aims to bring together AI researchers and data providers from all over the world to effect an AI global revolution. It hopes to help reduce costs in conducting machine learning and AI researches. This will be achieved through a machine learning model.

AI CRYPTO is also to have its own cryptocurrency.

All in all,  ICOs are one of the most convenient methods to find funds for projects combining AI and the blockchain technology. As these are highly technical processes and concepts, investors are interested in their synergy to be shaping the world’s future.