Top American ICOs

Initial Coin Offering is a term excessively used last year in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. It stands for an opportunity of a small either cryptocurrency or non-cryptocurrency project to raise funds and develop business.

A tendency to recourse to ICO instead of venture capital and other traditional fundraising methods grows at accelerating rate. Given such a popularity of ICOs, let us explore the top of ICOs in the USA.

It is also worth noting, that under the recent regulation residents of the United States are not allowed to participate in ICOs by investing in the coin. The United States government is drawing up the regulations on cryptocurrencies to treat them as securities. However, even before authorities agree on such a regulation, one still may invest by following the steps below:

  • Download and install the Opera browser.
  • Open Opera and Click on the Red “O” at the top left-hand side of the browser and go to settings.
  • Click on Privacy and then enable VPN.
  • In the URL field, you will see a blue box saying VPN, click on it and change the country to your desired browsing destination.
  • Visit your coin ICO page and carry out any kind of operation you wish.

Most Prospective ICOs of the US

Every month more and more projects try to execute a successful ICO. Even with a 50{3902b430229077027de5220bfd0ba1b9e53231995f524c42c471e54641b4e223} failure rate of such, there are many perspective and impressive projects. To start with, Cypherium which is a new blockchain with a special feature of scalability. Its multi-level governance design has been created and implemented from the ground up.

The Cypherium blockchain separates governance at layers of protocol and application. According to the company’s CEO, the idea behind the project is unique as it will not only resolve scalability issues but also help blockchain technology break into the mainstream.

The next promising ICO is called Rentberry. This one is a decentralized long-term rental platform that has been disrupting the rental industry since 2015. Rentberry’s platform enables automation of steps within the renting process starting from the signing of rent contracts to paying the rent. This saves the tenant and landlord time and money, while also speeds up the legal agreements between parties. Moreover, Rentberry’s blockchain and smart contracts technology offer tenants the ability to save thousands of dollars in rental security deposits.

According to Rentberry’s CEO, this company is a pioneer in the international renting programs as it helps quality renters unlock billions of dollars while streamlining the process of finding apartments, paying rent and everything in between.

The last but not the least American prospective ICO is called Loci. This is a technology startup with the well-known patent research tool called InnVenn. Recently, Loci has expanded its platform by adding the ability to buy and sell the intellectual property via its native utilitarian tokens, LOCIcoin. InnVenn also has the capability of posting creation and disclosure of new claims for IP onto the Ethereum blockchain in Loci’s quest to simplify and update the patent process.